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Pizza Week!

This week has been pizza week, with three different pizza ideas.  If you put them together, you could have pizza all day!  Brunch pizza, early dinner pizza and evening dessert pizza!

Pizza [1]


Each recipe has 10 ingredients or less!

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The deep dish Breakfast Pizza [2] is more like a loaded quiche!  And the leftover (if there are any) freeze really well!

summer 2016 collection (3) [3]

And how about an Antipasto pizza [4] for a late lunch or early dinner?  Full of all the good things on a plate of antipasto!  summer 2016 collection (1) [5]

As the evening wears on and you feel the need for something sweet, put on a pot of coffee and put this treat together – a Chocolate and Raspberry pizza [6] for dessert!summer 2016 collection [7]

So there you have it!  A day of pizza treats!

Come back next week for a week of Pasta Recipes!  And remember, they are all ten ingredients or less!