Meet the Chef

Hi and thanks for stopping by!  Come on in and meet my family.

My name is Helen

This is me.

and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I live her with my amazing husband Dennis



and our three rescue cats, Boudicca, Bilbo, and Monk (aka Monkey).

We love to hunt mushrooms,


my grandson Jeremiah and my husband Dennis heading off to find chanterelles

camp, and


cook for friends.  Dennis takes recipes and modifies them, I like to just go wild and create.  I am also a photographer dabbling in the art while I enjoy the beauty of my surroundings (yes, I have yet another blog for this too).

I love to hike and kayak,


and spend time with my brother


And my sister (she doesn’t like her picture on the internet).

I have six grandkids (most live out-of-state so I don’t get to spend time with them).  Siena, Michael and Ashton live in Texas.  Alexa is in Washington.  Brayden is in Kansas. And Jeremiah is close enough to see him often!


Brayden and his beautiful mama, Erin



Grandpa and Brayden


Riding the Polar Express right here in Oregon!









And Jeremiah is here in Oregon, so I get to see him often!



Jeremiah with his lovely mama, Monica








Jer and Grandpa at Jer’s graduation from the National Guard Youth Challenge Program -over the moon proud!

Handsome fella on drill team!

Handsome fella on drill team!











I work full-time as a child care center director and am a Master training in early childhood education.

This is my training business…

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.