Let’s Talk Turkey – Leftovers that is.

Thanksgiving is over. I hope you and your family had a wonderful, relaxing day. And I bet  you have some turkey leftovers! What to do with all those left overs? Well, here are some ideas.

Lets start with that carcass – don’t throw it away! Here’s a great soup that uses the carcass to make the stock. Turkey Barley Soup – delicious!


Here’s one for a delicious sandwich – not just the bread and mayo, but French Dip style! Turkey French Dip Sandwiches – yum!


Shepherd’s Pie is an easy and delicious way to create a brand new meal from some turkey leftovers and some mashed potatoes!

This rich and filling recipe uses smoked turkey, but any kind of turkey leftovers work. We have it for breakfast, but it works for any time of day! Turkey Hash

And finally, a turkey pasta dish – Turkey Tetrazzini

Now there are a few ideas to use up some of that bird. I bet you can come up with some fabulous ideas too!! I’d love to have you share your recipes for all those leftovers! We’ll keep this sharing link open for a week!