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Shrinkflation – Freezing Beans

Shrinkflation – Have you heard the term? Manufacturers downsize the package size and/or the volume. Boxes are shorter and cans have less inside. And yet the cost has not changed. We always have cans of beans on hand. I don’t … Continue reading

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Freezing Corn

Wow – it’s corn season already! We have a guy that comes around with a pick-up truck full of the stuff, honking like an ice cream truck! He sells it five ears for a dollar and I bought a lot! … Continue reading

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Fruit Vinegar – The Flavors of Summer

I love preserving the bounty of the summer here in the Pacific Northwest.  We have so many wonderful berries and stone fruits – fragrant and edible flowers like lavender.  One way is to freeze them, but another way is to … Continue reading

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