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Chocolate and Raspberry Dessert Pizza

To end the week of pizza, we offer a dessert pizza.  Topped with sweet whipped cream and chocolate, and naturally sweet (and good for you) fresh raspberries.  Dig in and enjoy!

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What you need:

How to Do it:

Place the crust on a pizza sheet.  I like to use one with holes so that air can get under the dough while it cooks.

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Melt the butter and brush the top of the dough.  I like to use a double cream butter – less water and more buttery flavor!  This is the one I use.

20160228_073040_resized-2 [3]

After brushing on the butter, sprinkle the raw sugar evenly over the buttered dough.

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Wipe the sides of the pan to make sure there’s no sugar.  It won’t hurt the crust, but it doesn’t smell great when it burns and it’s hard to clean up.

Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes – until it starts browning and the sugar is slightly carmelized.  It will have air bubbles – not to worry!

20160228_075307_resized-1 [5]

Let the crust cool completely.

Using the aerosol whipping cream, form a big circle around the crust, then spread it evenly with a knife.  Cross back and forth with the chocolate syrup.

20160228_101337_resized-11 [6]

Spread the raspberries evenly over the top and decorate with little puffs of whipping cream.  Cross back and forth with the chocolate again.

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Chill and serve!

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Serves 8

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