Love Food? Try One Of These Food Industry Careers!


When was the last time you thought about the career you wanted? If you’re not in a job you really enjoy, it’s time to assess what you want the most and whether it’s accessible to you or not. If you consider the things that you love the most, think about the hobbies you love and how you can monetize them. Those who love to sew can make hair bands and handbags and sell them on. Those who love to bake can sell their brownies and biscuits. If you have a talent for cooking, the food industry could be where you want to be.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the trends toward local and sustainable food, you could think about all the roles possible in the food services industry and how you could make your mark within it. Whether you are keen to open your own business or you have a talent for brewing your own beer, there’s a place for you in the industry itself. You could even combine a love of food and a love of science and involve yourself in molecular gastronomy. Keep reading! We’ve got some of the best options for careers in the food industry!

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Grilled Portobello Mushrooms


I love mushrooms, especially the big, meaty portobello. These beautiful fungi can be served as a side dish or as the main dish. This recipe can be sliced on the side (like I did with some grilled chicken) or left whole and put between a kaiser roll with tomatoes and lettuce. It’s simply delicious and incredibly easy to make!

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What’s for Dinner? Sunday link up #324


 How is your summer going? Except for one nasty heat wave, it’s been great here. I love walking into my yard and harvesting fresh food for dinner. And I’m a frequent farmer’s market shopper too! Summer is full of fresh and delicious foods we can’t get locally any other time of year. How about you? What are you doing? And …

what's for dinner?

 And bring your friends~

This is the home of a collection of fabulous recipes! A collaboration of ideas ~ And we want yours!

It’s What’s for Dinner!

So come on in and party with us!

Share as many as four of  YOUR OWN RECIPES you haven’t shared recently (in the last month)!

               Remember, be sure there is an edible recipe in your post. Please DO NOT link to Etsy or other sales sites. DO NOT link posts that simply mention food. 

 Here are the some delicious ideas that were shared last week (and not just for dinner!). You pick the winners just by visiting the page! 


 Please stop by and visit our featured bloggers. Show us your favorite by visiting their site – and next week might be you! It doesn’t have to be just for dinner.

A friendly reminder: We want this to be a place people check out every week. If you share the same recipe every week, why come back. If you shared it in the last THIRTY DAYS, please share something else.  Thanks. 

Side Note: In order to be featured we must be able to copy your pictures to the post. We were unable to feature a couple of great recipes – Darn!!

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German Potato Salad – Throw Back Thursday


Welcome to the new feature – Throw Back Thursday. Every other Thursday, a vintage recipe will be posted. Some may be the original versions, while others maybe an upscaled and updated version of the original. And to start it all off – The German Potato Salad.

german potato salad

So what makes the German Potato Salad different from any other potato salad?

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Sautéed Summer Squash and Chard


My garden is growing wonderfully! I harvested a single (rather large) scallop summer squash. Not quite enough for two. I also cut a couple small bunches of rainbow chard. Again, not enough for two. But if I sautéed them together, they would be enough. And boy was it good!

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