Ham and Cheese Calzone


Sunday is National Calzone day. What exactly is a calzone?

Traditionally a calzone is literally a folded pizza. The toppings become stuffing and you eat it like a sandwich. Created in Naples, Italy in the 1700 as a way for people to walk around eating pizza.

But I’ve noticed some restaurants take liberties with those fillings! We had a barbecued pork calzone that was amazing.


So here is my version of a “non-pizza” calzone. What will yours be? Continue reading

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Sausage Stuffed Shells


We love pasta. Here’s one that’s stuffed and fills your mouth with a burst of flavor and provides the warmth of comfort food.

stuffed shells Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner? Sunday link up #286


Can you believe Halloween is THIS Saturday? We don’t usually get many trick or treaters so we aren’t expecting any this year. We’re just keeping out lights off to keep us and them safe. So what will two old folks do all alone on Halloween? Binge watch movies all day!! And make a spookie Charcuterie Board. What’s your plan?

what's for dinner?

  This is the home of a collection of fabulous recipes! A collaboration of ideas ~ And we want yours!

It’s What’s for Dinner!

So come on in and party with us!

Share as many as four of  YOUR OWN RECIPES you haven’t shared in the last month!

               Remember, be sure there is an edible recipe in your post. Please DO NOT link to Etsy or other sales sites. DO NOT link posts that simply mention food. 

 Here are the some delicious ideas that were shared last week (and not just for dinner!). You pick the winners just by visiting the page! 

dinner features

 Please stop by and visit our featured bloggers. Show us your favorite by visiting their site – and next week might be you! It doesn’t have to be just for dinner. 

Side Note: In order to be featured we must be able to copy your pictures to the post. We were unable to feature a couple of great recipes – Darn!!

Continue reading

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Stout Rye Bread


We love homemade bread, especially rye – and I love to make it. I also like playing with ingredients and creating new recipes. This one is a rustic, rich tasting bread that is great for sandwiches or toast. We had some right out of the oven with hot soup for dinner.

rye bread

Don’t like to knead? I used the KitchenAid! Go on, give it a try! Continue reading

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Mexican Lasagna


I love casseroles especially when it’s cold outside. The smell permeates the house and makes everything smell warm and cozy. This one is like a taco and an enchilada all in one – layered like lasagna and it’s so easy to make! Check it out!

mexican lasagna Continue reading

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